This year we have a special opportunity to help children and families in need. On Saturday, December 22 Flourishing Grace will be hosting a Toy Store at Foxboro Elementary School.

What is the Toy Store? The Toy Store is a way for families in need to purchase toys for their children at a major discount. In the world of charity today there is very little thought given to the dignity and pride that comes when you get to provide for your family.  Each time toys, clothes, and other items are given for free the joy of being able to provide is taken away. Many parents would rather take on more debt than receive a free toy for their child. Therefore we sell the toys at an amazing price that every parent can afford. The money received is then given to a special charity.

How can I give?  First, we, of course, need lots and lots of toys! From now until December 14th we will be accepting money or brand new toys for boys and girls from age 5 - 6th grade. We are also accepting new socks and underwear for boys and girls age 5 - 6th grade which will be given away for free as stocking stuffers. You can bring your donations to the church on Sunday or during the work week. If you would rather donate cash (tax-deductible) we will purchase toys for you! Simply click the donation button below. 

How can I volunteer? We need many volunteers to pull off this amazing event. We will need a team on Friday night to set everything up and another team Saturday to run the store and bring the Christmas cheer. Volunteers 10 years and older, please. There will be a place for all kids to engage in crafts during the event. Simply click the volunteer button below.