Flourishing Grace is excited to launch the first-ever "Serve Together!"

The idea is simple. Let anyone at Flourishing Grace submit ideas for “micro serve events” that our community can participate in together during the month of November. An entire month of loving our neighbors together. Maybe there is a person in need in your neighborhood or workplace. Maybe there is a cause that is close to your heart. Let’s love our neighbors by, raking leaves, painting a fence, cooking a meal, feeding the hungry, visiting the shut-in, caring for a veteran, helping kids after school, etc.

You plan the event, we will help tell people at Flourishing Grace about your awesome idea and they will show up to help you love your neighbor.

We will be taking submissions from Sunday, October 7th - Sunday, October 28th. Accepted ideas will be announced on Sunday, November 4th!

Submit your serve Together Events here

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