Join the women of Flourishing Grace for a crazy fun evening at Get Out Games in Salt Lake!

Salt Lake City's underground mafia boss, Crazy Coz, has recently gone missing. Everyone in Salt Lake knows he must be sitting on a nice sized pile of cash. The question is: where is he hiding it?

You and your team will need to search Coz's office. You'll have 60 minutes to locate his hidden safe, crack the code, steal his stash, and make it out in time.  Along the way, you'll encounter numerous locks, puzzles, and activities that you'll need to complete before you can piece together the final combination. Be aware that there are other groups that will be working just as hard to beat you to the money. You'll be racing the clock as well as other teams to successfully complete the heist.

Sign up by 2/20 | $15/per person | Invite a friend!

We may grab dinner after if enough people are interested.